Welcome to the family!


I know that this is a Flog but, I wanted to start off by sharing more about myself and my family. I am very blessed to have a wife who withstands my crazy ideas and supports me with my crazy ideas. While we are play catch up with Atticus our wild four year old, and Winter our little redhead baby girl. Last december when Rachael and I welcomed the wee baby Winter into this world. We both has to adjust our daily routines.

So with a recovering wife, a then 3 year old Atticus, and a newborn Winter I took over cooking dinner and some of the household chores. Cooking is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing growing up and has slowly became my passion over the last few years. Once Winter was born something changed and I just started trying new recipes and learning new techniques to impress and surprise Rachael. I also found a love for using of smokers and grilling everything…and all the cool accessories that come with it.

It was only when I started sharing my creations with family and friends that I gained the confidence to create this blog with the support of my wife and family. Rachael is strong woman who is one hell of a baker along with being an awesome partner in this adventure of entering the world of food blogging. She also has to put up with me which is a chore in itself.

We both have full time careers, and I also have a part time job just to get some extra cash ya know?

So with that going on the plan is to have two delicious meals a week for you all. I am hoping to show that cooking can be easy and fun with family and friends. Although this is The Messy Beard Food Blog it’s a family effort. Rachael will snap them photos, Atticus to crack the eggs and mix the batters, and Winter to be cute and cuddly.

Feel welcome to contact me with any questions or request for future meals to highlight. So from my family to yours I welcome you to the Messy Beard family. Let there be good friends, food, fire, and maybe a brew or two.

Thank you for your time