Story of a Messy Man

Welcome to my food blog or more lovingly called flog. I love to take dishes, items, and meals and make them my own. I personally  love smoking and grilling food. To me nothing is more delicious than food cooked over fire and smoke. With that being said I also try to cook with my range just as much, and most of these recipes can be cooked in many ways. 

My goal when it comes to cooking is to take everyday eats make them healthy, family friendly, and reasonably priced. I take joy in taking cuts of meat that aren’t ideal or that can be picked up for under 10 bucks and making them worth millions of dollars. I mean I know I like it when my house guest go what’s for dinner?… Then light up with excitement once they taste it.

Now I wish that I could say I cook outside all day on my expensive toys in my gourmet indoor/outdoor kitchen’s but let’s be really here, I ain’t no Bobby Flay. Plus living in Nebraska kinda sorta doesn’t allow it for it with snow and all… So several these recipes don’t call for fancy grills or expensive tools. If they do I’ll give you some tips on how get around it without them.

Now let me welcome you to a world of messy beards, delightful bites, and wondrous food adventures.

A.J. out.