One Year Later

I didn’t take this photo but it feels fitting since we all kind of ride the rails at our own pace.

One year later…

It’s hard to believe that I have had this blog up and running for a year now. I have been through a lot over this last year. Since I have had to work more at my part time job to offset a vehicle purchase I rushed into. =) I do love my truck though! I have had a lot of relationships change over this past year. I am not a person who lives off of drama or let’s myself dwell on those situations. If you spend time on it, you’re taking time away from more important things.

On my relationship with food, it’s still stronger than it could ever be! Rachael and I have been discussing a lot about what direction we need to go with the blog. If you follow along, you already know I’ve starting playing around with the world of competition barbeque. I love it because it’s competitive and creative. Sadly, I don’t feel that doing repetitive post about the same old meats, with similar cooks, would be productive or beneficial to anyone. That and my work schedule has kept me away from posting new content!

Some ideas that I am throwing around is tips and tricks of the week, things like this, doing life updates, and maybe a podcast?? Just a thought we have nothing to do it with currently. Also, something I have to point out. Rachael is supposed to be taking the photos. I have been which is why they’re of poor quality. 😉 Yes I like old school smiley faces. Outside of that, I am happy that I created this blog and started on this adventure. Hopefully, throughout this next year, I can come up with more meals, sides, spice blends, or what have you. In addition, I hope to do more competitions and grow in experience, and create more experiences to share with you guys.

Thanks again for following along!

Also! Thank you Rachael, Hope, August, Taylor, Danny for all your guys’ support in this adventure.


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