Hey guys long time no see!!

I’ve been a busy boy practicing some now branded shitty barbeque and, slowly but surely working the number for Famous Dave’s on my barbeque teams speed dials. Oh! the sleepless nights, and the adventures they bring in competition barbeque world. Needless to say that I have caught the bug to when it comes to Competition barbeque. This also means that sadly I haven’t done much but neglect the blog due to just cooking the same smoked offerings.

With that we have a lot of left overs, and what to do with them? Freeze them!

I am so glad that we acquired a deep freeze for the leftovers!! I’m gonna keep it real for everyone. It’s hard to eat all the leftovers I’ve cooked, tasted, smelled, stared at these meats for hours. I’m not looking forward to the leftovers usually. Rachael basically doesn’t want just plain old barbeque anymore. So I started getting creative with it.

Two of my favorite meals on this Earth are pizza and tacos. So we had some fun and make a pulled pork taco, and pizza! You have to try these dishes, you will not be disappointed. Being able to mix smoked meat and classic dishes makes me happy, and gets rid of leftovers!

For the tacos I took baked beans, barbeque sauce, avocados, cojita cheese, and lettuce, and sangria tomatoes, oh and pulled pork duh!. Taking tortillas and adding these goods was pretty delightful.

Pictured is mine with the baked beans, and the less is Rachael’s.

Pizza time.

For this I went a little crazy but, by far the most amazing pizza I made. I Almost forgot to snap a picture before it all got eaten.

So I use prep made crust because lazy moments. I also use store bought sauce too, if you have your own that you love for either one or both, go ahead and use it.

I took barbeque sauce, just a Kansas City style Sauce and mixed it half and half, with pizza sauce for the base. I used a cheddar cheese blend, just a store bought blend. Then added the pulled pork to my liking, also added little bits of bacon for extra porkiness. Added some chives for an extra layer of flavor. Also added little chunks of cream cheese across the pizza, don’t knock it until you try it!

I know they’re not “recipes” as far as full on details and shopping list. Most of these ingredients I always have laying around the house so not much shopping was needed. So please give these a shot, if your looking for more ideas I also have a pulled pork fried ball of awesomeness for you to dive into.

Thanks for the read my people!

The Messy Beard Food Blog


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