Insights and recap from my first competition

I’m gonna leave this here because it’s currently playing in my head.

What is love baby don’t hurt me. What a classic!

Anywho I have been working this here post for a few months now. I have deleted everything so many many times, because I don’t want to beat a dead horse and repeat myself. As I was telling the wifey, I feel like I’m putting that we lost on blast. Yes, all our practice, my research, and time and we came in last place. I didn’t expect us to win personally, but didn’t expect to be last overall either.

This is what I have learned throughout the adventure. We are not on their level, meaning these professional barbeque teams know their shit. They know a hell of a lot more than I do. These guys are using products designed for competition barbeque. Wagyu briskets from snake river farms, several use Smithfield pork, which if you haven’t tried this ribs…. Do it. Chicken wise it’s more based around organic chicken or all natural thighs. We did not use these products. We also didn’t think we needed to pull out all the stops either.

I have learned that average barbeque sometimes is better barbeque. Meaning that using the tested injections, rubs, and sauces should be your starting point. As and example my pork shoulder was injected with korean BBQ sauce and peach juice. I used a rub that was geared towards those Korean flavors. I finished it off with my Black Gold Sauce. I scored decent, but the fact that I went different screwed me over.

I can go on an on about how the small details is where we lost, but I think you can gather that. Over we had fun and enjoyed ourselves, and each others company. We are adjusting how we cook to allow for better logistics, and less loads. Hopefully in time we can get a call an place in the top ten overall!

For now baby steps, we are all still cooking. We are planning on doing a contest that is part of Riverfest. This is part of a festival in Bellevue Nebraska. It’s nice to have some of these close to home! So be on the lookout for some posting on the messy beards Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter! Check out the contacts page for the links!

Thanks again my followers for following along! Hopefully my work schedule will lighten up soon and allow me to get more post up!



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  1. My hat is off to you. I’ve always wanted to compete, but never been brave enough. How awesome!

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    1. Thanks!! They’re addicting!!!


  2. seasonsedscribbles says:

    I would love to go to one of these competitions!! They look ace. Good luck with future ones.

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