My favorite Ribs!

So when I think about the summer holidays, I think ribs. Most family get togethers I try to provide ribs. Growing up this wasn’t the case, just something I’ve always loved. I’m the person who orders baby back ribs at the local steak house.

I have worn out my wife with trying ribs over the years. Cooked the grill, electric smoker, oven, and on my charcoal grill/smoker. Clearly each one is gonna give different results and different preparation. Another factor is doneness, or how do you like your ribs, fall off the bone, more chewy, or tender with a slight pull? None are wrong, none are right. I personally like mine to either fall off of the bone or a clean bite with minimal pull. Rachael loves fall off the bone, and I know no one who likes chewy ribs.

Anywho, being able to take the raw product and transform it into an amazing slab of awesome takes some TLC. I ALWAYS take the silver skin off the back of the ribs, it’s a must. Trimming off the access that won’t be eaten is just as important. Side note: there are three times of pork ribs I cook. Spare, baby back, and St style ribs. I personally love back back ribs, the meat to fat ratio is perfect for me. You will all have your favorite, so go with what you love!

Back on track here I use a rub, sometimes it’s what I have leftover from playing around with ideas, or sometimes it’s off a shelf. I have recently found a BBQ supply store here in Omaha and I’m excited to be using what the pros use! So after trimming and rubbing you can either throw them into the cooking device of your choice or add my stuff to the ribs. Some people add mustard, or honey or something along those lines.

Here’s what I do…..

If using my electric smoker I place them into the smoker… and leave the In there for 5 to 6 hours at 250-275. Saucing after wards

For oven use…. Place them on grill and char them really quick, then place them in the over for 4 hours at 250 on a foil wrapped cookie sheet. Saucing with about an hour left.

For charcoal smoker….

275-300 degrees 2 hours unwrapped spraying with liquid every hour. 2 hours wrapped in foil with apple juice or sauce poured into the packet to help boil. Then an hour or 2 unwrapped but sauced so it candies.

You who they’re done when they bend but don’t break when picked up in the middle.


1 rack of Smithfield back ribs

1 Container of your choice of rubs or mine

1 Jar of barbeque sauce of your choice or mine

1 spray bottle of apple cider vinegar


Cooking device

Aluminum foil

Basting brush

Spray bottle



  1. Light charcoal

  2. While you wait for the coals. Prep the ribs by, removing silver skin, the loose fat, and applying rub.

  3. Once coals are white place them into smoker on top of a bed of unlit coals. Then place one log on top of that.

  4. Once smoker is between 275-350 place ribs on smoker, fattier side towards the fire box.

  5. Spray once an hour with apple cider vinegar while maintaining the temperature.

  6. After 2 hours wrap the ribs in 2 layers of foil, make a boat and pour in a liquid of choice.

  7. Cook for another 2 hours.

  8. Unwrap ribs and coat with barbeque sauce of choice.

  9. Cook for another hour or two. Or untill you can pick up the ribs and they’re flexible but don’t start breaking. If you want fall off the bone they should barely start breaking.

  10. And serve to your guest as you see fit.



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