My First BBQ Competition (is coming)


This is an exciting week for me and The Messy Beard Food Blog! I will be participating in my first BBQ cook off! With my family under the team name BarBQ Monkeys and Tayter Salad! Thanks to my Father in law for the BarBq Monkeys, and thanks to Taylor for playing along!

This is an exciting time for me because this is something I wanted to try for years! We are one of 43 teams registered to compete this upcoming weekend (May 18th and 19th) of 2018. This event is put on by the town of Valley Nebraska, and sponsored by Smithfield! This event is also sanctioned by the KCBS or Kansas City Barbeque Society.

So we will be competing four categories: Pork Shoulder, Chicken, Pork Ribs, And Brisket.

Rachael my lovely wife had the great suggestion of doing some Facebook lives, and some social media posting to keep any one who wants to follow along up to date with our activities! Since the majority of our cooking will start in the wee hours of the morning I will be Tweeting and Instagram throughout the night. We will have some live feeds mixed in throughout the whole ordeal!

Please follow along!!


<Click me>


~Light my fire~


¡¡Smell my smoke!!


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  1. How exciting! And how brave! Wishing you the best of luck!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Should be a fun adventure!


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