Happy Easter everyone!

It’s that time a year went our children are are set out on the adventure of finding hard plastic eggs filled with delightful treats. Here at the Messy Beard household we choose to have the Easter Bunny bring more learning and developmental items than candy. Books, flashcards,bug digs, and more oh my! At the same time we want to teach our children why we are.celebrating. I do love bunnies, but having my children thinking that Easter is about the rise of bunnies to power. Also how we let them break into ours houses one night a year probably isn’t best.

I don’t care about people’s views on religion as I wrote about here. Having an understanding of the true reasoning for Easter is important though. Kids are kids, they want candy, toys, and to be left alone. Teaching them at a young age that it’s about the Journey Jesus took, dying on the cross, being Resurrected, then moving to the right hand of the father. It’s all in the Lord’s prayer. I’m not trying to shovel shit down your throat, just noticing that kids these days don’t understand the meaning of these holidays. Living in the United States I feel that it’s important know why these are celebrated, or not by society. I am no expert on the subject, just a basic understanding to be frank. If you are interested in learning more fire up that Google Machine and Google away, or read your religions Bible.


Enjoy your Easter Sunday, may you make memories your own way, and eat a Messy meal.

With love,

The Messy Beard Food Blog, and Family.


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