2017 Year End Review 

First off I want to say thank you, when I started this journey I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. September 22nd I entered this world of blogging, and although it’s had its challenges it’s been fun! I want to thank all of you who have followed my journey so far. Through your kind words and encouragement. I have become more confident in my writing ability. I never thought of myself as a writer, or someone who could be one. So again thank you all for being part of my 2017.

This year rolled in hot with the addition of Winter to the family unit. Atticus finished his first year of early education! And I got moved to a larger department at work. I love working for a company that supports my growth and development.  Rachael and I reconnected to our love of concerts. I overcame some mental hurdles I was facing.

Winter is now one whole year and I am thankful for every moment with her, Atticus, and Rachael. Although sometimes it’s challenging, and frustrating, I love them all. Atticus never stops amazing with the rate he learns and picks up on processes, he had me scared for a minute! Although money makes the world go round, but like most parents I’d rather spend my days with my kiddos.

I have worked for Target for about 8 years now. I am blessed to have bosses who care to make sure I grow, and support me, not just their bottom lines. This year I was lucky to take over a department that I love. Filled with good people, and been able to watch it grow throughout the year. I hope I can continue this growth, and make 2018 exciting at work.

Concerts and music is one of my passion in life. Rachael shares this passion, and in a way we reconnected to when we were dating.  We have been together for 10 years,  and married for 7 years. Going to concerts are losing ourselves in the sounds. Here’s to the experience of live music, and the dreams it inspires.  Over this past year I did a lot of self discovery and took myself deep into my mind. I figured a lot of things I thought  to be truths were just created doubt, and over thought on subjects.

Overall I am excited for 2018 and the challenges that it is going to bring. I have set my goals for my financially and my goals for updating my house. This year is gonna be good!

I hope yours is what you want it to be as well!

The Messy Beard Food Blog 

Ps: I want to thank my amazing editors… Without them this would be a grammar less blog without direction sometimes. Love both you gals for what you for me, and dealing with me 😁


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