Faith, everyone has their own opinion on the subject. To be honest, I don’t care what yours are. I will listen to your views, and respect it, because it is yours. When it comes down it, I could care less. I have had a struggle with faith over the years. A good friend of mine calls it an awakening. In life, your parents either raise you in faith or not. After you become an adult, it’s your choice to believe, and follow what you feel is right.

It is my belief that being raised in certain religions create a strong moral platform. This helps reduce racism, bigotry, and promotes equality, in my mind. Think about the Ten Commandments, they’re morals for us to live by. It is my belief that children with a understanding of them, will subconsciously make better choices. Now, I can’t tell you what to believe, or what’s real or fake. I have not had a vision or a brush with death. Only me being in battle with myself over the years.

See when I started religion classes, I had rarely went to church. I didn’t want to go, and battled my mother every Sunday about going. In my church, confirmation class was a two year program. Looking back my pastor was an alright guy, he did have to deal with me after all. One of the two things he said to me that I still say to this day is “you don’t have to go to church every Sunday, if you love God”. Being a teenager I thought that was pretty cool. Because who wants to change outta pajamas before noon anyways?! What I think he meant was, although you will be busy, and life takes it’s chosen path. Remember to love God, and he will forgive you.

Oh, and the other thing he told me was I could do a form of baptism. Yeah, I threw water on a lot of people due to that.

Yep, that’s pretty much how it stayed from the time I was confirmed until the time Atticus came into this world. Sometimes it takes maturing to understand the gravity of words. My father in law, and his family are people of faith. From the first time I met him to be ok’d to date Rachael, to this day he still gives me life lessons. His views on life, family, and religion have helped me become better. A better husband, father, caregiver, and person.

Through him telling me stories over the years. Also sharing thoughts on different parts of life. I have caught myself sitting there staring at Atticus going, oh that’s what he meant. I get reminded of faith and the power it has in people’s lives. Hearing stories of how the power of Christ pushed them out of the darkness. These stories only help me find the willpower to deal with my problems. I can’t say I pray everyday, or that I go to church every Sunday. There are even times that I go way too deep into religious and anti religious thoughts. Faith means having a lot of meanings and each author has their own. I have friends and family who are very religious and those who aren’t. I love them all the same, and they’re all right in their own beliefs, and I wouldn’t change them. How we live our lives is up to us no matter the upbringing or views. All I know is that I think of the Ten Commandments and how they’re playing their roles in my life. Pushing myself to be a better person than I was the day prior, and use logic verses emotions. Having a guiding force propelling me and my family on the path that we want to take. As Christmas day approaches, I ask that you think of others. Smile, be joyous, and positively impact others lives. If you choose to believe or not, be thankful for what you have, and there’s always tomorrow.


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