Give Thanks

The Messy Beard Food Blog

Giving thanks, why is this important? Are we just set out to be the big box stores’ puppets? Or are we meant to let the holidays stand for their true meaning? Where do you stand? Nothing is more numbing than getting lost in thought. Cooking is my outlet, I can space out when I need too. Having a vessel to channel energy through helps keep you grounded and centered. Cooking is my yoga.

In Nebraska, November 1st is start of the holiday season. Having worked in retail for 10 years, this season is somewhat laughable to me. Years of seeing consumers come in and blow their gasket, or stress out over the simplest things. “sorry miss, we do not have a 19 pound turkey, is 20 okay?” It’s never okay, never. Then, watching people I’ve worked with for years freak out with stress over the holidays. It is full of days loaded with more work than time allows, not enough staffing, and boat loads of stress. Seeing things play out year after year, I always wonder: do they forget this happens every year? Experience is like being a risk analyst; you already know what to expect, so no reason to fret over spilled milk. This isn’t what the the “holidays” should be about. Do you really need that T.V., game console, or other special priced item today? I admit, the deals are amazing sometimes, but what happens to your family time?

To me, Thanksgiving is not about what kind of deals I can get on the newest video game consoles, or electronics. Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season is about family, and getting fat off of good food, oh and naps! Growing up nothing was more satisfying than stuffing my face and passing out. All done while watching football. We were together, and that’s what matters. Over the years, my family has grown and shrunk. Spending time with the ones I love the most.

What is giving thanks? To me giving thanks means giving back to those who you care about. The story of the pilgrims and the natives always interested me. People coming together over food and sharing cultures. That childhood story is meant to teach friendship, trust, and equality. Being able to gather with family and friends is something I hold near and dear. I like to give back by making food, and trying to lend a helping hand when I can. I am going to be working again this Thanksgiving, bringing sales and cheer to you and yours. I will be making food, and I will be seeing my family. Enjoy the start of your holiday season. Love your families and stay safe out there.



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