As my family works its way into the holiday season, we greet the same challenges as yesteryear. What are we getting the kids for Christmas, how are we going to pay for it, what’s the spending limit? Adulting is hard during the holidays. We always try to keep each other in check during Christmas shopping. We are not blessed with a large bankroll or powerful positions at our careers, but we make it work.

We are happy with where we are right now in life. Dealing with the ever so basic issue of gaining financial freedom. While doing it in a way that we’re not hating ourselves, or each other. It has taken us a long time to get to this point in our relationship. I have, and always will feel like October sums us up though. The month welcomes the changing seasons. For us it brings chili, sweaters, time spent together, sharing and creating memories.

October is the month Rachael was born. Her favorite holiday is Halloween. We got married in October and our kids seem to enjoy all things fall/halloween too. Our kids also got her sass too, which is pretty awesome, let me tell you that. Now we have a pretty strong relationship, but we have had our struggles.

There was a times that I thought working for only money, would bring happiness. It only brought pain and heartache for Rachael. I struggled growing up early in our marriage. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was giving up my friends and freedoms for a partnership. You know? That lovely mindset of being in your early 20’s: “I’m an adult, I can do what I want”. Yeah, I had a strong case of that. I am glad that she stood by me during this time of our lives.

When we bought our house and Atticus joined our family, it helped me grow up. 

When you get married you say your vows, but does anyone really understand the gravity of them at the time? It took a child, a house, and a poor career move to figure them out for me. Only light comes from our darkest times. In our darkest times, we found the light within. Well, more so me, she already found hers. After we bought our house we started cooking more, having to be more creative, since we were broke! =D

We ended up developing a growing love for food 

and improving our cooking skills. We have become food critics, to each other though. With our ever growing relationship and love for food, it can only be described as October. The ever changing month that welcomes fall. It brings us harvest moons, rustic flavors, ever changing weather, and all things pumpkin spice.

I welcome you to make a pot chili with your loved ones, embrace the changing seasons, and love one another.



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